What is the cost of Retinning & Polishing?

If you can even find other retinners in the world today, you'll not find a better combination of quality work, pricing, and speed.  We work quickly to return tinned and polished copper pots and pans in two weeks time.  As the work load increases we bring more help on to keep this commitment to you.  No one wants to be without their favorite cookware for months on end!  

Our retinning charge is $6.00 per measured inch and we have FREE INBOUND SHIPPING process - no matter how many pieces you send. 

  • $6/inch for retinning & polishing

  • measurement = height + height + diameter

The measurement is simply the diameter of the pot + 2 times the height.  Oval and rectangular pans should be measured the long way and if the pot has a cover just add another diameter.

Best shipping costs to us?

We know that shipping is an important part of the cost equation so we have developed a FREE INBOUND SHIPPING program to East Coast Tinning with UPS.  Get free shipping by simply printing a UPS label from your computer and dropping off at any UPS location..... or have them pick up for only $4 extra.  

Check out the FREE INBOUND shipping details...


Pricing for Polishing only

If you have cookware pieces that only need polishing of the copper exterior, we charge  $2.00 per measured inch and again a nominal fee for return shipping.  

  • $2/inch for polishing only

If you have any questions on the retinning measurement, pricing, or discounts for a large number of pieces (5+) please call or email.  We'll be glad to discuss your question with you.

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